Who We Are


Head Chef – Martin (aka butch) Renshaw
“Like many chefs, my passion for cooking began at an early age. My earliest memory is trying to make a lemon meringue pie, aged 6, I used nearly a dozen eggs, throwing all the ingredients for the meringue in at once. . . needless to say it wasn’t a success and went in the bin, my Mum was non too pleased either! However, it was an original take on ‘Tart Au Citron’, and not bad for a 6 year old.

24 years on and cooking has become; my hobby, my job and most importantly my passion. Taking me all over the world to amazing places such as Sydney Harbour and the French Alps, working with fantastic and inspirational people. I am so excited about working at Salt House, Tapas is such a good way to eat, share and enjoy food with your friends and family. I will be working alongside people that share my passion for great food, great service and happy guest’s and hope that all our guest expectaions are exceeded.”

GM – Caryn Phillips

Owner – Paddy Smith
“My Dad came up with the name, as a 15 year boy he ran messages out of the India buildings in Liverpool around the docks, in particular the salt house docks.

As I tried to think of a name for the restaurant, the more I thought of Spanish Names the more I felt it didn’t work, I’m not Spanish, don’t speak Spanish, live and work in England why would you use a Spanish name.

Then one day over a beer Dad was telling me about his days on the docks the name kept coming up in conversation and it just made so much sense.

My Mum gave me the inspiration and talent to cook, and that is what I am, a cook, always have been always will be.

After 25 years working, cooking and drinking around the world from the Caribbean to Moscow I’m never happier than when chatting, drinking and eating with friends. At Salt House the people who own the restaurant work in the restaurant. We treat everyone who comes to the salt house as we treat our friends and family when they come to our own houses for dinner, although we don’t charge them!”